Professional Testing & QA Services

Our professional testing and QA services ensure that your product is ready to launch. We provide a full range of QA and testing services to help you deliver high-quality software.

Professional Testing & QA Services by Tanta innovative
Our Healthcare Testing Expertise

Application Testing

Types of Applications We Test

Web Applications


Mobile Apps

Cloud Applications

Desktop Applications

Enterprise Testing

Our Enterprise Software Testing Offering

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Business Intelligence (BI)

E-commerce Applications

Insurance Software

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Enterprise Testing

Risk Free Testing

Testing for Risk-Free Innovation

Micro-services testing

Big data testing

AR testing

IoT testing

Blockchain testing

Enterprise Testing
Applications We Test

Healthcare Testing

Our healthcare testing expertise

Electronic health and medical record software

Health information management software

Hospital inventory management software

Health information exchange software

Patient portals and monitoring apps

Chronic disease management software

Medication delivery software


Types of Testing We Perform

Essential Testing Types

Functional Testing

Integration Testing

Regression Testing

Exploratory Testing

Compatibility Testing

Testing New Software Functions

Accessibility Testing

Essential Testing Types

Usability Testing

Performance Testing

Security Testing

Load Testing

Testing Tools

Our Test Automation Tools

Automated UI Testing Tools


API Testing Tools


Containerization Tools


DevOps Automation Tools


CI/CD Testing Tools

Azure DevOps
Aws Developer Tools
GitLab CI

Monitoring Tools


Testing Services

Our Cooperation Model

We understand that every project is different. Our quality assurance solutions are tailored to your complexity and business goals, and may include:

Dedicated Testing Team

Best for: Complex software (e.g., SaaS, enterprise applications)

Tanta Innovative provides self-managed teams of test leads and engineers. Teams are assigned per module, offering flexibility for scaling project needs. Consider an additional team for test automation.

Managed Testing Service

Best for: Medium-complexity software (e.g., mobile apps, websites)

Experienced, self-managed QA experts with deep industry and software-specific knowledge (e.g., mobile, CRM). These experts work independently for high-performance testing.

Independent Testing Consultants

Best for: Small projects or limited budgets

Experienced QA consultants with industry and software-specific knowledge (e.g., mobile, CRM). Ideal for independent work and cost-effective testing solutions.

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Tanta Innovative offers cost- and time-effective flexible testing services to ensure software availability, uninterrupted and smooth functioning, Cybersecurity, scalability, and stability. Feel free to briefly describe your testing and QA needs for our team to promptly get back to you.

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