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Retail IT services focus on achieving higher efficiency in business operations and creating a truly customer-centric experience for digital and physical sales channels. With over 19 years of domain experience, our retail IT consultants offer custom software solutions to the entire retail ecosystem.

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Our Retail Portforlio

Our Expertise

Since 2020, our portfolio for the retail industry has grown to include:

  • Supply chain collaboration platform for a retailer
  • Sales analysis system for a multi-state corporation
  • Virtual 3D store
  • Vast expertise in ecommerce services
  • Your company and project may just be the next.

Retail Solutions

Tanta Retail Solutions


We deliver scalable solutions that meet consumers’ requirements, facilitate their enjoyable, secure shopping experience and supply operational analytics for marketing and sales.

  • E-stores: building virtual storefronts with slick online catalogs for 100,000+ SKUs.
  • Online shopping cart: enabling secure transaction processing with a broad selection of payment gateways.
  • Integration: connecting your ecommerce module with the entire line-up of enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, back office and more).
  • mCommerce: offering mobile shopping for consumers across a variety of devices.

Information Security

Being ISO 27001 certified, we maintain the highest standard of information security. We can help your business enable advanced security management.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): real-time monitoring of internal and external security events for effective threat prevention.
  • Identity and access management: securing and controlling role-based access to your data assets.
  • Penetration testing: identifying and investigating your system vulnerabilities by means of preventive hack attacks.

Computer Vision

We offer the development of custom image analysis solutions to increase the level of customer service in retail.

  • Facial recognition: from recognition of regular customers to provide them with personalized deals to identification of potential criminals.
  • Emotion recognition: assessment of the customer satisfaction level with a smart camera.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

We help you make informed decisions based on rich analytics sourced from your IT ecosystem and customer touchpoints.

  • Data warehousing and master data management: putting together a single version of truth by cleansing and integrating your data from multiple distributed sources.
  • OLAP cubes: handling careful combinations of relevant metrics on customer behavior, inventory, operations, finance and more from the standpoints you require.
  • Reporting UI: providing users with interactive reporting dashboards that can be tailored to their particular role.
  • Predictive analytics: tapping into customer trends and demand forecasts with meaningful data.

Virtual Reality

Being an experienced IT partner, Tanta Innovative brings the cutting-edge technologies of VR to create a unique and convenient shopping experience.

  • Interactive virtual stores that the customers can browse from any location using popular VR platforms.

Supply Chain

We enable real-time visibility into every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturing to checkout.

  • Supply chain management: automating your buying and selling processes that cover inventory management, store operations and financials.
  • Private label product management: managing relationships with manufacturers and monitoring products throughout their lifecycles.
  • Trade promotion management: gaining a complete control of planning, execution and analysis of trade promotions at every outlet.
  • E-collaboration: making remote collaboration possible between buyers, vendors and private label manufacturers.
  • Enterprise mobile apps: powering your staff with role-specific mobile solutions for real-time access to work-critical functionality.

Customer Experience

As consumers expect a truly omni-channel experience, we respond to this challenge by helping brands to provide consistent and personalized service – before, during and after a purchase.

  • CRM and marketing automation: developing personalized and lasting relationships with complete, actionable customer data at hand.
  • Loyalty programs: implementing customer retention strategies through CRM-powered management of loyalty schemes across in-store, web and mobile channels.
  • In-store experience: bringing next-gen technologies to your physical outlets, including integration of POS terminals and mobile devices.

Retail Solutions

Our Capabilities

  • Platform-Based Implementation
  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise System Redesign
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Support

Our services are delivered by scalable, on-demand teams comprising visionaries and practitioners, including business analysts, software consultants, engineers, graphic designers, and quality assurance professionals.

Through strategic partnerships with technology leaders, we unlock additional opportunities and streamline implementations for our clients.

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At Tanta Innovative, we will help you collect and properly analyze the data from physical objects to make transformative improvements to your business processes.

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