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For over 11 years, Tanta Innovative has been helping organizations to increase their business strength by leveraging Microsoft SharePoint capabilities. We framed up our services to turn this versatile platform into an enabler of multi-level collaboration and intensive workflows, as well as into a reliable basis of enterprise-wide knowledge and innovation management.

Our Competences

  • Microsoft SharePoint projects since 2007

  • Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Competency

  • 20+ Microsoft SharePoint experts

  • Successful projects for Healthcare, Banking and Finances, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and more.


    Whenever a company plans to implement or uplift a corporate intranet, partner or vendor portal, tailor a document management solution or get a knowledge management system, our SharePoint team is ready to handle the task. While matching SharePoint’s components with organizational needs, we aim at contributing to our customer's corporate evolution and business growth.

    We provide full-cycle services to help you create the optimal SharePoint solution that powers employee's activities and facilitate business processes.

Applying our 10-year expertise in SharePoint consulting, we address various SharePoint-related challenges, both technical and strategical. We help our customers to:

Omni Channels

Build up a multifunctional SharePoint environment to support various business activities (internal and external collaboration, workflow and document management, knowledge and innovation management and more) within the same platform, thus reducing your investments into scattered stand-alone solutions.


Create an effective, collaboration-driven corporate environment that enables dynamic and secure business activities as well as empowering employees to fulfill their tasks with lesser time and efforts spent.


Set up step-by-step workflows to support uninterrupted working processes, facilitate complex business cycles, let employees act in compliance with the established quality standards.

Customers Satisfaction

Raise SharePoint user adoption and buy-in by delivering user-friendly and apt solutions with an improved design and user experience.


Take advantage of SharePoint’s non-trivial capabilities such as knowledge and innovation management.

Whether you need to develop a SharePoint solution from scratch, modify it according to new business needs or optimize its current features, Tanta Innovative’s team will assist you in getting the task done. Having honed our SharePoint development skills in more than 30 projects in both on-premises and cloud SharePoint environments, our SharePoint team assists organizations in:

Developing fully functional custom solutions or separate custom features to enhance their business processes and adjust the platform’s capabilities to their infrastructure specifics and long-term goals.
Addressing technical issues that impede working activities, be it excessively heavy architecture, complicated site structure, low SharePoint performance or lack of important features. From a slight tuning of a particular SharePoint’s feature to a complete redesign of your current solution, our SharePoint experts are always ready to fill in a functional gap or improve your solution’s functionality.
Ensuring integration with enterprise systems to enable uninterrupted business processes, document workflows and employee’s continuous interaction.
Respecting corporate branding and making SharePoint an integral part of a unique organizational culture, thus stimulate user adoption.
Guaranteeing the solution’s great performance and longevity through professional quality assurance. Our professional testing team will thoroughly look into possible functional imperfections and security issues to ensure your solution’s reliability in the long run.

Our SharePoint services go beyond delivering a technically attractive solution or solving a functional issue. We always prioritize your organizational specifics and align our actions with your business strategy.

Developing fully functional custom solutions or separate custom features to enhance their business processes and adjust the platform’s capabilities to their infrastructure specifics and long-term goals.
We support organizations at any stage of their SharePoint maturity. We are ready to address our customer’s needs if they only start their way with SharePoint to help them build up full-fledged and convenient solution. We also support organizations with a long-lasting SharePoint story and help them get the maximum return on their investments in SharePoint.
We help our customers create a centralized multifunctional SharePoint ecosystem. We transform SharePoint from a passive tool used occasionally into an active business participant that covers a wide range of daily tasks and processes, which prevents organizations from having to adopt numerous single-purpose solutions.


Contact our SharePoint consultants to discuss your SharePoint-related challenges. We will help you choose the most relevant services and solutions that fit your requirements best.