Join Tanta Innovative as an agent

Are you a trusted consultancy, an individual consultant or a marketing agency searching for the software support for your customers? If yes, our team is glad to offer an agent partnership program that will help you increase revenues and provide additional IT support to your customers with minimum efforts for you.

We understand that software development is not your priority, and we are ready to take this burden and equip your clients with the software tailored to their industry specifics and business needs. Our team uses fine-tuned development practices and ensures that required services will be delivered to end users within time and budget, for we respect your reputation and your customers’ time and money.

Cooperation model we offer:

We sign an NDA to ensure your sensitive data is not disclosed and an agency agreement regulating the specifics of our cooperation (including the commissions you get as an agent).

You introduce us to your clients who need IT services.

We communicate with your clients and offer them the solutions they need (or may need) – saving your time and efforts.

When we win a contract, we compensate your efforts according to the agency agreement.


    Data analytics including big data analytics: cleansing and integrating data, providing analysis and visualization to get valuable business insights.
    CRM:helping companies enhance customer management, win new clients and improve productivity.
    Ecommerce: seizing the potential of Magento to ensure efficient inventory management, analytics and reporting, cross-business order management, account, purchase and payment history review and more.
    Portals: helping companies build efficient e-cooperation with their customers and partners.
    Mobile Apps: developing native and cross-platform apps for customers and employees in healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing and professional services and more at employee, department and company level.
    Information security: offering SIEM, identity and access management and penetration testing services (Tanta Innovative is an IBM Security Gold Business Partner).


  • 10 years in healthcare IT consulting and software development.

  • Our customers are Baxter, MSxHealth, Chiron Health, Saratoga Bridges and other healthcare service providers.

  • We offer mobile applications for doctors and patients, healthcare CRM, medical portals, healthcare data analytics and more.


  • 10 years in mobile banking and intranets, document and knowledge management, banking data analytics, customer portals, loyalty program management and more.

Retail and consumer goods:

  • We’ve been delivering IT Retail services since 2010 and created IT solutions for such corporations as Walmart, Nestle, Heinz and more.

  • We offer ecommerce, loyalty solutions, customer data analytics, retail business intelligence, in-store automation.

IT consulting

We can start with solution and platform consulting to help our clients get a clear vision of the IT solution they want to implement. Also we can provide IT strategic consulting advising companies how to improve their IT strategies.


Apart from developing and testing an IT solution, we are always ready to assist our customers in integration, data migration and other related processes to ensure that a new IT solution integrates into corporate workflows and contributes to business value.


We provide all-round support of the IT solutions our customers are using (whether delivered by Tanta Innovative or other teams): add new functionality, ensure better interoperability, performance and usability, fix bugs.

Why Tanta Innovative

10 years’ experience in IT consulting and software development for healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, telecom and other industries (1,700+ completed projects).

Big talent pool with a wide range of skills (currently 40+ specialists in project management, business analysis, development, testing and more) – we are fully equipped to rely on our internal resources.

Fair and transparent commissions.

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